Start of the infection: Murder or Zombie Slaying?

Lets say you come across one of the first zombies. No one knows of the outbreak but there are witnesses watching this crazed man chase and attempt to bite people. Do you kill him and face the fact that you may be brought in for murder and jailed when the outbreak occurs (pretty much guaranteeing your death), or do you walk away and let him bite whomever and letting who knows how many get infected.

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Optimism is your best friend!

Being bleak about any situation can ruin it, being hopeful and optimistic can help moral, and courage of your people, they will think they have a chance, and hope will empower your people to survive, and dare I say…flourish?

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Survival in an apartment building

Another thread made me think about this. Back when I was in my old apartment I used to spend time thinking out my survival strategy if there was indeed a zombie outbreak. My plan was to knock out the bottom staircase(s) and live on the top level. The buildings were connected so that additional supplies could be gained by looting the empty apartments while working with others who decided to stick it out. The roof was flat and there was a home depot in the area so if I was to do any planting, that would be my supply store. I was planning on building a gigantic raised garden across the roof while using good potting soil that I would pick up on trips down to the store.

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Organ transplants and blood transfusions?

If someone who is infected donates blood or has an organ given to another person would this also transmit the infection causing zombies?

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If you can’t bite through it, neither can they

When choosing attire make sure to pick something that you, yourself, are unable to bite through. This will allow you to pick attire that is lighter in weight but will still provide ample protection.

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