Undisturbed ZPAW Mutation stages

If ever we've got a mutation infection, and a ZPAW, and every last human on earth was infected, heres what might happen: 10 years - Infectees are the traditional slow walkers and flesh eaters 20 years - The virus seems to be starting to evolve itself, making some of its infectees stronger than usual while still mataining their blank minds 30 years - Full mutation has occured, certain infectees have shown animalistic traits and hunter mentality with advanced agility and strength 40 years - Organ functionality restored in all infectees, the virus begins to rebuild the body slowly in its own liking 50 years - Mutated monsters, monsters that would be almost described as walking tanks nearly ten feet tall. Change in bone structure causes skin in most advanced mutants(or special infected) to be nearly indestructable and perceived as natural armor. 60 years - Comprehensive mentallity beginning to develop in infectees, infectees are able to use better logic for their hunting skills and able to be seen in organized packs, underdevolped form of communication is made between the packs and other packs. 70 years - Mutation complete, Mankind has been transformed into an animal species. (additional/optional thoughts) 150 years - Mutations start to decline 250 years - Mankind has been returned to its original state as the virus dies with its remains still left in the genetic code of every human. Most special infected that have been mutated entirely have died and their remains are left. Everyone suffers from amnesia and works together to rebuild civilization; basically like the cavemen all over again. Write your ideas or what you think

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Why not Walmart?

Everytime you bring up zombies there is always at least one person who says that they will “bug out to walmart”. But why is that such a bad idea? Walmart has all of the supplies and if you got there you could easily hold out a long time… right?

Yes you would have the supplies, but how many others have that same idea?

Walmart will be full of people trying to do the same thing as you, get away from the undead and gather as many supplies as possible. So before the undead even arrive you find yourself fight humans for supplies. If you survive this you find yourself against the true threat, the undead.

To the undead you are an easy meal. Not only does your normal Walmart store have a giant glass window across the front of the store, but it also comes with doors that open automatically until the power goes out. Not only will the easy sight through the windows make you an easy target, but the amount of people in a small location will also make Walmart a very appealing target for the zombies who are after you.

So maybe start paying the extra dime for the ketchup at the local mom and pop stores. Because if you are familiar with their location you will find much less resistance there and a much safer place to gather supplies. As Walmart, and all stores like it, will be a graveyard.

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Are graveyards your friend?

Think about it, wide open on the ground and usually having some large trees inside to climb up upon. The wide open space would really allow you to see everything from up in your secure tree. And in the event of already dead bodies reanimating, the bodies are inside of boxes 6 foot under ground... the chances they can get out of that are slim to none.

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How do they recognise their own kind?

If it is the idea they don't really are able to focus their stare anymore when they are in that state. How is it that the aggressive ones always know so they won't attack between them? This has always made me curious? Do you think is some particular smell? because I believe it take more than just walking and trying to act like them, or smell like them to fool them, but that is just my opinion. What do you think? :?:

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How would we go about repopulating? I've volunteer for the job but would we need to focus on specific breeding patterns like we do with farm animals, or just whoever and wherever? Would the group need to sign off before a couple tries to have a baby due to constraints like food or room?

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