Which zombified animal would be the scariest

I belive that most people would agree that maybe the worst outcome would be something like zombified bacteria... something that you couldn't see but could infect every last thing on the planet just the same. But in one on one combat, what creature would strike you as the scariest when zombified. My opinion would be a polar bear. The massive size, massive teeth, quickness, power, and strength. Then looking at the blood soaked pelt that, because of the white/light color, shows the various bloodstains so vividly.

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Once the initial outbreak has spread and the military responds, what happens? Will they all even show up or run off to help out their own families? Would they know how to contain the problem? Would they even be able to make a difference, at that point? What are your thoughts on this?

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Lyoko386′s Plan – Let the good times roll

This is my plan to survive a Zombie Outbreak /Apocalypse / Infestation / Whatever 1. Discover there is a zombie outbreak and collect all necessary materials and objects - Duct Tape - Blunt Metal Object - Thick Clothing - A Pack of Sorts - Canned / No-Perishable Foods - Bottled Water - Blow Torch 2. Rendezvous with friends at Big 5 and dramatically dispose of anyone bitten 3. Once situated, either collect what I can and head to a sparsely populated area or reinforce the building against zombies 4. Attempt to establish contact with any other survivors / military / government Also, let me explain about Big 5. Where I live there is a Big 5 with several shotguns and rifles behind the counter. It is also a sport shop, allowing for several objects that can be used as weapons.

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Can a Zombie see?

Is a Zombie capable to see you, of does it guides through its ear and nose senses? The eyes tend to become pretty glassy once you die and many zombies are picture with a lost stare, so I was wondering how much they would use their vision, if at all. You can also discuss here if they base in sounds too, sometimes i get the impression they detect your movements and sometime I think it is just the waves of fresh flesh reaching them. I stick to the first one though, because they react pretty good to your movements which would be hard in a blind AND deft zombie.... what do you think?

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Searching and grouping with other survivors

How, why and when would you do it and/or not do it? would you look for a specific person and if so why? and what kind of survivors would you prefer to group with you? people handy with guns or handy with other survival skills? (farming, navigation, carpentry, fishing, metalworking, mechanical skills, etc.)

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