Car Mods

Just a question I want to throw out there. If you are going to drive anywhere, are you going to make modifications to your car/truck? I was thinking about boards or sheet metal over the window to keep them from being brokenby looters or the undead. Reinforce the front and rear for ramming capabilities. Maybe add a cove to the tires, at least to the bottom of the finder bubbled of course so it doesn’t interfere with turning. Any other thoughts?

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Carrying your Firearms

Firearms are going to be very valuable on Z-day. Do you have the proper attachments to carry and not lose your firearms? Example would be a lanyard for your pistil so that if you drop it is will still be attached to your body and easily retrievable. How many firearms and/or other weapons could you possible carry on the move?

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Using jerks to slow down zombies

So I was thinking about my jerky ex and how I would trip him if zombies were coming. This made me think about using idiots as a means to get away. You know those guys who are dicks and trying to loot your stuff or whatever. Crippling them so that they become food and a distraction rather than letting them live. I know it's kind of morbid, but it's a zombie eat human world out there and I'm going to survive. :lol:

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Tunnel System

As long as a zombies are not to coordinated, could a tunnel system(Like those used in the Vietnam war) work? Have your under-ground shelter in the middle, and many tunnels stretching off for 100's of meters with multiple exists along the tunnel? (Only tall enough to crawl) -Could create booby-traps with grenades and string... The shrapnel would have a good chance of hitting the zombie in the case which a zombie may 'drag itself in'

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How would we go about repopulating? I've volunteer for the job but would we need to focus on specific breeding patterns like we do with farm animals, or just whoever and wherever? Would the group need to sign off before a couple tries to have a baby due to constraints like food or room?

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