A childs bug out bag

In the event of an outbreak I will most likely be in charge of my younger siblings as my parents are handicapped and most likely (but sadly) zombie food. So in preparation, what types of things should I pack in their bags?

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Religion in a ZPAW

How would a ZPAW affect your religious belief? Would you be more or less apt to look to religion?

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My Plan

is different from almost every other plan I've heard of, as it involves community. I live in a rural area over 17 miles from the nearest small town, it is a hamlet with lots of open fields and roads which have Walls at either side, I intend to get the community to stay here and prevent as many as possible from fleeing to cities and military and government "safe" zones as they are most likely o be killed there. I have 5 ham radios in my house and I would distribute these to houses at the edge of the area apart from one which would be in a sort of intelligence center in the middle of the hamlet area of my community, following this I would ask the farmers and weapons owners to distribute guns so there is at least one per household. I have already set out plans for food as a river and the beach are beside our house water shouldn't be a problem (boil the salt water) and the area has a huge number of cattle and open grass for them feed in and protecting them shouldn't be much of a problem as there is hillsides around the main grasslands which we could place fences and guard posts around. This is not the full extent of my plan but I would train families in the community basic first aid and melee combat to protect themselves and enforce that unfortunately people who are bitten must be euthanized, preferably humanly. Medical supply are abound ina pharmacy in a small village not far from where we live and I h stocked up personally on large numbers of bandages and other basic equipment as well as antibiotics and legal painkillers (nurophen and the like) there are over 14 rifles and 30 shotguns in out community of 60 odd people and farmer that I am friendly with have plenty of ammo melee weapons shouldn't be hard to come by as nearly everyone has a garden shed which most likely contains a shovel or a hatchet. I'm guessing the apocalypse will be slow, stupid and head shot/brain destruction only zombies as god help us all if they are smart enough to ambush and plan and can run, jump climb etc. I will post refined details after feedback :)

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Chinese Town Sealed Off After Plague Deaths

A unkown chinese village has been sealed of by goverment troops after a number of people died from a plague type virus, four people are also missing including one soldier. No offical word from chiniese goverment, is this a similer outbreak to august 2009' pneumonic plague outbreak in Ziketan,Qinghai province or is it something eles. Source is reliable.

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Be ready to move

An attack can come from anywhere at any time. Always have your to go pack and weapons in close proximity so if you need to bolt in a hurry, you will not have to waste any time.

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