How could zombies happen?

I think there are many possibilities such as a meteor bringing something not native to the world or a test experiment gone wrong.

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"I want a Zombie Apocalypse"

So I've been reading through some threads by people who want to a zombie apocalypse, because 'normal life is so boring.' What I'm asking is where do you think this mentality comes from? To actually wish the (basically) slaughter of many people. For the record, I once wished there would eb a zombie apocalypse, because I thought it would be exciting. I got over that idea fast, I realized it was idiotic.

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Weapons, take what you need not what you can

Sure you could take that bazooka… but what would be the point? Overstocking weapons only leads to fatigue from having to drag them everywhere. When you are on foot there is no need to take more than you can carry for long distances. A hand gun, rifle, and some sort of melee weapon should be enough for you to make it. If you’re stockpiling your home on the other hand… take every single piece you can get your hands on.

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Hunter/Gatheree squad

Ok, you live in a small town, and after the apocalypse has run about 30 days, it's time to go out and forage into town for supplies/food. You are currently holed up with about 10-15 other survivors in a reasonably secure building. How many people would you take in your squad, what would their individual jobs be, if any, and what tools/weapons would each carry? The supplies/weapons you currently have are only things that you could have sourced locally (no rocket launchers or jet packs!).

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Granting others access to your community

Let’s say you are in a safe location, in a new community that is safe from the undead. There are only a few in your group, but your location is secure. From your location you have a good view of the outside world and you also have radio communications. Sometimes you see people running by your location, unaware of your existence. At other times you can hear people on the radio. Do you make contact with these people? How do you determine who to make contact with? How do you decide on whether or not to save someone and grant them entrance into your safe community?

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