Use of the katana

Being very interested in zombies, I've spent much time thinking and discussing weapons to use against zombies. Personally, I would say the katana would be one of the best weapons out there. It is deadly, durable and not too heavy. But many people tell me it's really not that good of a weapon and is actually not durable at all... Now I would like your opinion: Is or isn't the katana a great anti-zombie weapon??
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What would your role be?

If you suddenly woke up in a ZPAW society what kind of position do you think you would fit best? I am currently in school for teaching so I think I could fill in and pass knowledge to the next generation much better than most. As my classes are mostly about how to get through to kids and working with their unique learning styles.
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When few guns are avaible…

I think that most people on this forum are Americans Well, many Americans have guns or when the zombie outbreak comes, will have easy acces to guns. Well, living in Europe, I don't have that luxery. I know of only one friend who has weapons in his house (enough rifles to arm a platoon but still) and the nearest gun store is more then 25 km away. Gun permits are really hard to get. I'd say that in case of a zombie outbreak we're pretty much fucked :cry: Well We still got melee weapons, those few stores and army bases but still
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Chinese Town Sealed Off After Plague Deaths

A unkown chinese village has been sealed of by goverment troops after a number of people died from a plague type virus, four people are also missing including one soldier. No offical word from chiniese goverment, is this a similer outbreak to august 2009' pneumonic plague outbreak in Ziketan,Qinghai province or is it something eles. Source is reliable.
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Tunnel System

As long as a zombies are not to coordinated, could a tunnel system(Like those used in the Vietnam war) work? Have your under-ground shelter in the middle, and many tunnels stretching off for 100's of meters with multiple exists along the tunnel? (Only tall enough to crawl) -Could create booby-traps with grenades and string... The shrapnel would have a good chance of hitting the zombie in the case which a zombie may 'drag itself in'
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