Bite the Bullet

You are not immune. That bite wont just go away. It did happen. Don’t be a dick; kill yourself so you don’t kill your mates.

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Acceptable weight for a bug out bag?

To go along with my last comment, what weight is acceptable for a bug out bag? Is there some ratio of how many pounds per how much you weigh? I know if you're on the run you will need to be able to carry it for a long time so having something too heavy is going to fatigue you.

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Crawlers in the field

You have made it over two years since the outbreak started. You are worn down but still hopeful of finding other survivors. They have been beating on your walls for months now and they are finally breaking through. The defenses in the back of your house were much more formatable than the ones out front, but they have only crippled the zombies and now they are crawling through the tall grass. You have to make your move, you do not have enough ammo to kill them all but there are hand weapons around your house if you wish to try. The other way is through the grass, the grass that is constantly moving as they are slowly crawling your way. Do you fight what you can see knowing that they may never stop piling through? Or run through the grass knowing your next step could be your last? :bat:

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You can never be too prepared

Everything that comes your way can somehow be the end you. But your chances increase if you have enough knowledge and are well prepared. A firearm, a melee weapon, some medicine, bandages. These are just the small essentials to living in the zombie occupied world.

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Zombie survival as opposed to normal survival

Recently I've been thinking, yes it's good to be prepared, but are we over prepared? I have a feeling that surviving the zombie 'apocalypse' (after the panic of course) would be no different to surviving in nature normal, I mean let's face it, zombies are humans. dead humans? Ragers wouldn't be able to run indefinitely, their speed and level of danger would depend highly on the individual that was infected as well as any damage that the body before/during/post infection, walkers/shamblers would only really be a problem in large numbers/confined spaces, but then again, most animals would be. So basically, I see very little difference, we're looking at your basic survival needs/personal defense as opposed to the best way to mow down hundreds of zombies. This is probably more of a revelation than anything, but I hope some find this useful.

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