Determining a Lands Value

What comes first is defensibility. Can you protect it? Are there natural obstacles that will assist in protecting you from the undead onslaught that you will inevitably have to protect against? Is it in a rural area or close to a major city? The next thing I believe you have to look at is the weather. Will the weather allow for long term survival? You do not want to hold up in a desert area or an area that has too long of a freeze period.

Once these two tests are passed one must examine the natural resources present. Is there a ready source of fresh water? Are there enough trees to provide ample firewood? Is the soil fertile? Is there natural game for hunting? Does the water source have fish in it?

Finally you have to consider the man-made resources. Is there road access to the area? Are you close enough to a small town or any type of civilization that you can restock supplies appropriately once winter settles in?

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Murphy’s Law

How will this play into your survival plans? I don't think one can prepare for everything so I expect even some the most well thought out people to fall to Murphy's law.

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Another post made me think about traveling. When would you do it, day or night and how often, daily, weekly, monthly? I know it may depend on the situation like an unexpected horde coming your way, it would defiantly be time to move day or night. My thought is during the day, but then you risk the chance of being seen by raiders or slaver. Any Thoughts?

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If the dead started to walk while you are at work could you

If you where at work, and the bodies of the recently dead returned to life, and started attacking the living could you survive? could you make it home across town? if not where would you hold up at? What items at your workplace could you turn into a weapon to destroy the brain of the flesh eating ghouls? You can apply this to both Romero style shambling zombies, Dawn of the Dead 2004 fast running zombies, or Rage virus victims.

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Would you take slaves?

If you had a society built up and were unsuccessfully attacked by another group; would you take them to do manual labor and other slavery duties?

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