Realize that boiling water does not sterilize it. There are bacteria that form spores that are resistant to boiling and some strains of bacteria that are themselves resistant to heat above boiling temperatures.
Use a pressure cooker. Place a bottle of water in a pressure cooker. Make sure that there is no cap on it or that the cap is loosened so it does not burst under pressure. Cover the cap with a piece of aluminum foil to prevent bacteria from accumulating around the mouth of the bottle at a later date. Heat the water to 121 degrees for 20 minutes. Slowly release the pressure. Let the aluminum foil cool. Close the cap and fold down the aluminum.
Use chlorine to sterilize water. Let water stand until particles in the water settle. Pour off the clear water into a clean, uncontaminated container. Add two drops of Clorox bleach for each quart of water, eight drops of Clorox bleach for each gallon of water or ½ tsp of regular Clorox bleach per 5 gallons of water. If the water is visibly cloudy, double the amount of Clorox.
Utilize the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the most common pathogens. This is of particular use if you are in a circumstance where large amounts of sterile water are needed and you have few resources. Pour off particle matter. Take the clear water and pour it into a clear plastic bottle. Place the plastic bottle on a dark surface. Leave the bottle in sunlight for at least eight hours. The combined effect of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight and heat is effective in producing a primarily safe source of drinking water.

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Swifty3582′s plan: #1

First off I would like to thank the moderators for finally putting his section up. :) Now to my plan: Supplies: My BOB My 1990 ranger pickup All non-perishable foods in house All containters filled with water .243 bolt action rifle w/ ammo .22 semi-automatic rifle w/ ammo Binoculars And a bunch of other stuff im to lazy to list. I'll do it later Plan: Days 1-4: Once the news has reached me that there has been a zombie outbreak, the first thing i will do is move to my temporary base, which would be my father's 32' by 46' shop. This is our machine shop and storage area for our vehicles, and it has a convient 10' by 32' upstairs loft that we use for storing holiday stuff. This will be my base for gathering information and informing my family and friends about what has happended and what I plan to do. The supplies will be loaded into my truck, and into my family's 34' fifth wheel camp trailer, which will be pulled by our dodge 2500 diesle pickup. These will be parked outside, facing the road, ready to move when the time is right. Days 4-10: Now is the time that we move out to the more permanent location. This being my Uncle and cousin's cabins that they own in the hills in my state. It isnt the most private and unpoulated area in the world, but its about 45 mins from the main town. We will gather all the people important to us, that are alive, and move out in a convoy to the cabins. After we arrive, we will block the driveway leading to the cabin with the 2 least important vehicles, and move everything else up to the upper-landing, which is the second level of hill that my Uncle owns, which has a small cabin, and a lot of area for camp trailers, and also a view of the main city. This is our base camp. My Uncle has a backhoe, which we will use to dig a trench around the camp, it will be around 10-12 feet deep, and 4 feet wide. Enough so that any zombies wanting to eat us would fall in. Days 11+ These days will be spent waiting, eating, hunting with bows, and worrying. I think between my family, and all the supplies we would have, we would be able to last a few months on supplies. Thats all I have for now, if there's any flaws that you notice, please point them out so I may fix them. I will add more later today. :D

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Surviving the Elements in a ZPAW

We generally touch base on population density, roving bandits, city structures, but what about our threats when it comes to weather and the elements? How many of you live in a tornado prone area? What are the chances that forest fires break out in the surrounding area every year? Do you have a hurricane season? earthquakes? floods? whiteouts? sub-zero temperatures? These are all major factors when preping for the ZPAW and alot of these things are unavoidable when living in certain areas, do you vacate and go to an unknown area? These are threats that affect us even today, throw in a ZPAW and these natural distasters have just gotten alot worse.

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Survival in a Quarantined area

Lets say you are in the hot zone, with walls having the entire city (building, parks, streams, some wildlife..etc) quarantined. The number of quarantined living at the start are 1,000, the undead total being 2,500 and rising with all the fear and chaos. The government has no want to bomb the place and possibly spread the outbreak... they are going to leave the area completely off limits until the infection has died inside. They estimate 5 years before they open it up and make a sweep of the last bit of undead still around and call the place clear again. How do you hold up for these years? Expand your mind, there are no real limits outside of getting out of the quarantined area. :evil: :bat: :o

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Zombies outbreak happens while you’re at school

Lets say you are at school, and they decide to lock all the students inside to protect them. Say they are so close around the place that it is nearly impossible to escape the building and survive them, unless with a good plan. So, what do you think would be a good plan overall/ what do you think are stuff from school that could help us survive and/or fight?

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