What training have you had or plan on taking that would help to prepare you for a post apocalyptic world?

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Addictions in a ZPAW

Wouldn't coping with any sort of addiciton in a ZPAW be horribly difficult? Some people are addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol... and could find themselves cut off from their addictions. Going cold turkey in an apocalyptic environment can't be the best way to do it and I think it could cause many deaths. Image Nicotine by itself is a hard thing to quit so I hear and it causes a lot of physical, mental, and emotional issues when trying to quit. Wouldn't someone forced to quit be at a high risk of being off guard and thus easier to become zombie food?

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In a tight spot

You take a wrong turn down an alley while running and find yourself trapped. There are three zombies behind you and you only have a limited time before more find there way in. This was the first sign of zombies so you were not prepared and have very limited items that can be used as weapons. There is no running by, you need to attack to escape. You are carrying: Your keys Wallet A pen You are wearing: T shirt Jean pants Tennis Shoes On the ground: A brick A used magnum condom (eww) Jersey Shore DVD set (no wonder it was thrown out) How do you take out the three? Think fast, more are on their way.

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Distance is key

If you can stay 100 yards away and fight, then by all means do so. Going in Rambo style will only make you an easier target for infection.

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What position would you hold in a new society?

Assume that zombies have taken over, but a new society was formed in a safe zone. What type of position would you hold in this new society?

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