Find a safe house and secure it

Find yourself a nice place out in the middle of nowhere, and secure it like a castle. Board it up, fence it off, dig ditches, use barbed wire… anything to keep any stragglers from finding their way into your premises.

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Water Purification

The most essential component of survival is water. Purification tablets, while convenient, don't really purify water that well. What it does do is give you a lot of bacterial corpses infused with heavy metals and dirt to drink. What if the only water available is a stagnant puddle with a dead crow laying in it? I don't think tossing a few tablets of iodine or a tea-spoon of bleach is going to cut it. Tablets run out, and bleach is heavy, and it still doesnt address the big gritty chunks that are hard on the kidneys. What you need is filtration system. What you will need is 3 decent sized sticks, some clothe, perhaps a t-shirt, maybe some canvas, as long as water can run through it, and a little paracord, or some other suitable material for lashing things together. Step 1: make a frame with your sticks. This will be a simple tri-pod, lashed together at the top. It only needs to be high enough to fit your filter layers and a container to collect water as it filters, say, waist-high. once you get the basic gist you can use various aspects of your environment for the frame, trees, sign-posts, large rocks. Step 2: design your filters. These will consist of 2 scraps of clothe, suspended by the frame. They will act as a hammock that hold your filter-medium. One on top the other. You want these mini-hammocks to have a lot of droop in the bottoms, to direct water through the most filter-medium and control its flow into your container. I dont like suspending the clothe high up on the frame, because the area where the sticks meet to form the tri-pod can get in the way of pouring into the filter. Step 3: filter medium. assuming you have made your tri-pod, and attached your clothe/hankies/t-shirt/canvas accordingly, you will now need a filter-medium. The upper filter will consist of larger medium. I use grass in the bottom, with small pebbles on top. This will filter out larger chunks. For the bottom filter finding sand is always best. You can use ash from a fire you start well, but I found Dirt itself will work but you want to boil it to kill bacteria that grows in it. The ash tends to slide through the filter a little easier and your first few pots of water need to be re-processed. Assuming you have done this just dump your boiling pot of dirt into your bottom filter, and then place small, ripped up grass blades on top of that, and polish it off with small pebbles. Now you only need to ladle water into your upper filter and ensure there is a vessal beneath your lower filter to catch your new, plentiful water supply. If your water is truly questionable you may boil as you see fit. If your only source of water is a heavily used game-pond out in the boonies, or a dried out creek-bed with an isolated patch of stagnant water, simply throwing some tablets in your canteen will not cut it. The accumulation of heavy metals and the strain of all the dirt on your kidneys will catch up to you over time.

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Looting pawn shops

Has anyone thought about this yet? They carry things like weapons and other goods and probably wouldn't be the first place to be looted during an outbreak. Image

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You are in your stronghold/ on your island for a few weeks now. It provides good protection and you have a supply of food and water but it is rather few. Suddenly you hear the noise of a large truck. You take a look, staying hidden and you see a truck filled with goodies, but also flanked by 2 men on motercycles and a jeep with three other men. There are 7 of them in total and they are heavily armed. They have reason to believe there is someone in there and they call out for you, asking if you'll trade something with them. (this scenario is the same for the island, only the traders arrive with two large boats) They have many goods in their truck like bottles of fresh water, canned food, fresh fruit, books, toilet paper and other products for personal hygiene, some various electronics, tools, clothes, car batteries, a radio and some small weapons and ammo. What would you do? Send them away? Trade some stuff and what? Some "rules" The traders are friendly and don't act hostile but they do carry some heavy weaponry You have goods to trade like maybe tools or even machinery but don't make up all kinds of things you could trade. You can pick for yourself whether you have people with you in your stronghold or if you're alone

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My Work: Good or Bad place?

I work for a trucking company, and I think there's definite benefits to staying here (at least for the short term) in case of Zombies. First of all, we deliver all Burger Kings, Chili's, Applebee's, Roy Roger's, and almost all the IHOPS in North East America. (NY, PA, VA, CT, MA, MD, DE, NJ, etc) so there's so much food in this place, it would spoil before you could get to it all. We have a full functioning test kitchen that is nicer than a lot of restaurant kitchens. Over 100 cameras on premises, so keeping an eye on the surroundings is relatively easy. All truck loading doors have manual and computerized locks so if you decide you need to secure them any more, they will give you time to work, and even if someone (or something) does happen to get in, all doors are locked, and can only be unlocked with a designated key-fob. Back-up generator, with fuel to get by at least a week, powering all systems, even longer if you don't run everything. Location is in a relatively quiet area. Woods on 3 sides of the warehouse, and the river on the other side. Not to mention, there's an entire fleet of trucks with all different size trailers, so if you decide you want to pack up and go, you can fairly easily load any of the products into a trailer or two and head down the road. A Penske truck shop, with a lot of fuel for the trucks and trailers. I think overall, it would be a relatively good place to bunk down for a while. At least until you run out of fuel in the generators. (We lost power here the other night from a big storm, so that's what got me thinking about this.)

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