Killing every last one

How long do you think it would take to kill all the zeds in the world? In the US there are about 308 million people; if 1% of the people survive then each person would have to kill 100 to rid just the US. My goal would be to kill at least 101 for each person in my group, not counting what they would kill. This way I would have at least killed my share plus one more for each person in my group in case we became infected. If I were only bitten I would find a car and drive into a highly populated city attract as many zeds as possible and blow us all to pieces. Killing a few more so that someone else won’t have to. :shotgun:

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Your Zombie Plan – Zeitteri

Hello peepl. I shall contribute

I live in finland so the weather can change from -30 to +30. I live in a medium sized city near the Russian border. My flat is on the second floor and got front door and backdoor (blockable) and strong brick walls.

CO in the army (12 months camp :I) My condition is ok. Got asthma + broken shoulder (doc is gonna cut me in six months : O)


Backpack contains, medical stuff like firstaid kits, scissors, knife or two, medicine and such camping stuff which you might need on the move.) So gear here is enough to survive outside in summertime or wintertime) . And in winter time I keep my sleeping bag here. So i would survive in winter if i manage to do fire.
Weaponry… hmm.. knives and baseballbat

My plan depends on 2 things 1. Time! or 2. No time!

1. Time!
So. Lets say warning comes so i atleast few hours time. I usually keep here food enough to last 5-6 days. Got enough gear and usefull items to walk to (worst case scenario) from here to my parents town. 80 kilometers, 1 hour driving time, and walkable in like 5-7 days (remember to keep 1-2 day resting pauses.) Got my 50l backpack (army copies practical items ) There is 2 sets of clothes. Few pair of socks and enough warm clothing to last outside in nights. (changing it depending on temperature. My outside clothing xP) Food to last 5-7 days.

2. No time!
IF the z-apocalypse comes suddenly i would sit here for few days and barricade this stair so I can look more gear or food to survive my trip to my parents town.

Heaading north because the most populated areas are in south. Theres borderguards specialops training camp, equipment+possible survivors YEAH.
some of my friends hunt/fish and like to go camping. And most of all I know places and can fish and hunt. ) There i would gather year or two supplies to last in a summercottage or wooden heated house. (and try to estabalish selfsustaining microsociety and trying to look for survivors)

Thats it. I think. Im kinda blazed


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Addictions in a ZPAW

Wouldn't coping with any sort of addiciton in a ZPAW be horribly difficult? Some people are addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol... and could find themselves cut off from their addictions. Going cold turkey in an apocalyptic environment can't be the best way to do it and I think it could cause many deaths. Image Nicotine by itself is a hard thing to quit so I hear and it causes a lot of physical, mental, and emotional issues when trying to quit. Wouldn't someone forced to quit be at a high risk of being off guard and thus easier to become zombie food?

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Best melee weapon

What do you think is the best item for melee with a zombie? I would go with the crowbar as described by Max Brooks. Very strong with alternate uses as well.

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More survivors: A benefit or a liability?

Will survivors turn out to be a benefit to your survival or a liability to it? I think more survivors allow for larger groups, and more distractions for the enemy. While they also can put a bullet through me and use up valuable supplies that I could need for my own survival.

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