Issue with most Safety Zones against Zombie Invasions

My friends and I had a conversation today that could ruin most peoples plans on stay alive during a zombie Invasion. The issue has to do with one little insect that most people are annoyed by, the Mosquito. You could have the best bunker to protect you from Human or even other animal Zombies, but unless you live in an area where Mosquito's can not live you can still be bitten and not even be noticeable, and by the time someone notices you are turning into a Zombie it could be to late for everyone inside the Safety area. To keep the spread reaching yourself or anyone you are trying to survive with, I recommend that you find a place to hot or to cold that Mosquito's to live. For my friends and me we are planning on going farther up north where it is to cold for them, where we can build green houses and store everything in for food, living, and our vehicles.

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Doom’s Falls – Bitten

´╗┐Ugh the bastards finally got me. I had a good run I guess, no family to worry about me anyways. She told me to quit the drinking, but I never could do it. Had I been sober I would have been alert, I wouldn’t have got bit… I wouldn’t have lost her. Guess I had a good life anyways, what I can remember of it anyways. I still can’t believe everything I’ve seen. The horror, the death, the dead eating people. It’s still too much to stomach most days, but I kept on trucking. Why I ever came to this city I have no idea. I should have stayed over in my neighborhood, da woods as we called it as kids. I should have gone down towards the river, I’m sure those last shipments of canned goods I ordered made it before the area became a walking cemetery. Not sure if there would be any left at this point, but it beats eating bugs and dirt like I had.

Guess I’ll be part of the dirt and the bugs can eat me, because I will not become one of these monsters.

Jack Bugston

*This note was found in the pocket of Mr. Jack Bugston, head importer for the Stop and Shop*

Zombie Roleplay

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Check Survivors

If you find someone, check them fully to make sure they are not infected. Sure everyone wont like this idea, but it is important to check everyone for cases of infection. Lead the way by stripping and showing them you aren’t infected. But by no means can you afford to bring any infected person into your safe house. Once they are bit, that is it.

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Chain link fences?

Could a decent chain link fence hold back a few zombies? It seems pretty likely to me, but if there was a group of about 10 or so pushing on it for a few days it would eventually fall and i would be dead. What does everybody think about chain link fences as a perimeter?

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Weapon combinations?

Combos of weapons used so they dont break as easy? Or just for the ease of it. Post ideas here?

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