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Silence is golden

No matter how safe you believe yourself to be, don’t make needless noise! You will only be alerting the undead to your presence.

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Determining a Lands Value

What comes first is defensibility. Can you protect it? Are there natural obstacles that will assist in protecting you from the undead onslaught that you will inevitably have to protect against? Is it in a rural area or close to … Continue reading

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Your Zombie Plan – guns_for_freedom

I’ll team up with a few friends and loot many stores. but first robbing a bank becasue i need lots & lots of cash to really upgrade my armory. with our new found wealth we’ll visit a guy named J … Continue reading

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You can never be too prepared

Everything that comes your way can somehow be the end you. But your chances increase if you have enough knowledge and are well prepared. A firearm, a melee weapon, some medicine, bandages. These are just the small essentials to living … Continue reading

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Marking Infested Locations

I figure in the ZP, it would be smart to mark off areas with a makeshift flag of some sort according to the known/possible level of infestation.Green – low/noneBlue – mediocoreYellow – use caution/medium zombie numbersRed – high zombie numbersI pick o… Continue reading

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